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Bass Hogs, and smallmouth

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Old 12-27-02, 09:46 PM
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Thumbs up The best Bass lure ever made!

What do you consider the best Bass (Largemouth) lure ever made?
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Old 12-28-02, 06:46 AM
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Laugh if you want, but the best one made in my opinion is the Jitter Bug

Trout Fishing Arkansas
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Old 12-28-02, 09:12 PM
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Small green beetlespin has put more fish in the boat than probaby any other bait. 6# test and an ultra light. Bill
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Old 01-13-03, 10:43 PM
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H & H spinnerbait
Thats funny, my second and third choice would be a beetle spin and jitterbug.
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Old 01-15-03, 01:55 PM
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Thumbs up

That would be the one that I'm catching the most fish on at the moment. For smallmouth on Lake Erie last year that may have been a green watermellon tube while an hour after that it was the white bandit crankbait that was tearing up the largemouths. I know this may not have been what was meant by the question but the answers are endless. I love to catch fish on the jitterbug also but have had just as much luck with a sputterbug, skitterpop. Especially with a feathered trebble on the tail. I think maybe another good thread may be what is the most worthless lure you have fished? For me that might be that snake like rubber thing that Bill Dance endorsed a number of years ago. I fished that thing for two years before I finally through it in the garbage and admitted defeat.
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Old 01-15-03, 03:11 PM
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Best Bass Lure

Well i can't speak for Northern waters, but I can Give my opinion on what i consider my go to lure her in Florida. I considered several things when I read your ? and for me the answer is the Plastic Worm, Rigging Type optional.

I can fish it shallow, deep and in heavy cover depending on where the fish are on any given day. Sure I can catch one or two good fish on Top Water lures but in tough times I always seem to go to the Plastic Worm
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Old 01-17-03, 08:25 AM
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best bass lure ever made

I agree with that FL/GUS. It does seem that most of the time when the fishin' is tough, I either end up with a plastic of some type or a jig/trailer. Bass will be Bass. Oftentimes we are to content on trying to catch them by using the lures that we would like to catch them on and not fishing with the ones the Bass want to be caught on. If you get my drift. Sometimes the most popular fishing lures catch more fishermen than fish.
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Old 04-08-03, 04:15 PM
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My favaorite all-around confidence paint is a Slug-Go, the four inch size.

I rig it on a plain worm hook with no weight, and cast it to the fish. They practically fight to get it as sson as it hits the water. Also, it works on the same fish, over and over. I also like walking worms, Quad-shads, and the Jitter Bug
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Old 04-21-03, 07:10 PM
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I'd say just about any safety pin spinner. Good choice for either open water or lots of weeds.
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Old 04-24-03, 12:12 PM
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I'd have to say that the plastic worm is the all time best. Today the varieties are endless, but plastic baits revolutionized bass fishing, and the 4 to 6 inch plastic worms are, in my opinion the best bass lures ever.
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Old 04-24-03, 12:57 PM
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Thumbs up Lame-Duck

Welcome nice to see you.
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Old 04-24-03, 01:26 PM
Bob Webster
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Best Lure

If I could only have 1 bait, I'd have to throw a 3/8 OZ spinnerbait with a gold Indiana blade following a Chrome Willow blade with a white and chartruese skirt.
Using 8 lb Stren Sensor, it can be fished at all depths and through any cover.
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Old 04-24-03, 01:28 PM
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Thumbs up Bob:

You too! Welcome to AC!
Hunting women
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Old 06-21-03, 07:19 PM
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Pumpkinseed plastic worm. A rat-l-trap 1/8 oz fire tiger is my #2 choice.
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Old 06-22-03, 09:03 PM
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I have been using the A.B.T. GLADIATOR swim bait.If it swims in the water,this lure will catch it. Last month I caught my biggest bass ever.It was 14lbs 2oz.
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